Official Tournament Rules

The following is an outline of several highlighted points of interest for play in this event. All questions, challenges or disputes will be answered and/or resolved by the event organizers.

Court Layout

  • Location – the courts will be located in the Events Plaza of the Host Venue – Tropicana Evansville.
  • Pitcher’s Box – is a rectangle 4’ x 3’ at each end of the court, parallel and on both sides of the Cornhole platforms.
  • Multiple Courts – the distance between platforms will allow play with pitcher’s boxes outlined above, but not necessarily a minimum of 10’ apart (possible exception due to the location of this event).
  • Foul Lines – there are two sets of foul lines:
    1. Adult play – foul lines shall be defined as an imaginary line 30’ from the beginning of the hole of the opposite platform. This foul line will be parallel to the front of the cornhole platform.
    2. Junior play – foul lines shall be defined as an imaginary line 21’ from the beginning of the hole of the opposite platform.

Playing Equipment

  • Cornhole Platforms – the cornhole platforms for this event were donated by an anonymous sponsor. They meet the minimum requirements for cornhole play and will suffice for the purposes of this fundraising event.
  • Cornhole Bags – the cornhole bags for this event were a combination of donation and newly purchased bags to ensure the group had an adequate number of bags to host this fundraising event. They meet the minimum requirements for cornhole play and will suffice for the purposes of this fundraising event. Personal bags are not allowed in this event.

Pitching Distances

  • Adults – all adult contestants shall pitch from the pitcher’s box behind the 30’ foul line. Physically impaired adults or seniors may, if agreed by all contestants, observe the 21’ foul lines.
  • Juniors – junior contestants may pitch from any place, but must observe the 21’ foul line. Junior contestants are defined as being 12 years old or younger.

Play of the Game

  • For purposes of this fundraising event only Doubles Play will be allowed. Two contestants are partnered against another team of two contestants.
  • All winners bracket and the championship will be determined by the team winning the best 2 out of 3 matches.
  • All consolation bracket games will be determined by the team winning a single match.
  • Innings – every match of this event is broken down into innings of play. During each inning of play each contestant must pitch all four corn bags.
  • Value of the Corn Bag is as follows:
    1. Corn Bag In-The-Hole – A corn bag in-the-hole is one which is thrown through the hole in the opposite cornhole platform or otherwise comes to rest inside the opposite platform (knocked in by another throw during that inning of play). A CORN BAG IN-THE-HOLE HAS A VALUE OF THREE (3)POINTS
    2. Corn Bag In-The-Count – A corn bag in-the-count is one which lands with any portion of the corn bag resting on the opposite cornhole platform. A CORN BAG IN-THE-COUNT HAS A VALUE OF ONE
      (1) POINT. For a bag to be in-the-count it must not touch the ground or any other portion of the court prior to coming to rest of the opposite platform. If a bag touches the ground before coming to rest on the platform, it is a foul and must be removed from the platform prior to the continuation of play.
    3. Corn Bag Out-Of-The-Count – A corn bag which comes to rest anywhere except in-the-count or in-the-hole is out-of-the-count and has no scoring value. A corn bag declared to be a foul is considered out-of-the-count and must be immediately removed from play.
  • Delivery of the Corn Bag – for Doubles Play, the beginning set of contestants alternate pitching bags until they have thrown all four bags, then the remaining contestants (pitching from the opposite platform) continue to alternate in the same manner until all four bags are delivered and the inning is complete.
  • Pitching Rotation During the Game – the contestant (or team) who scored in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning. If neither pitcher scores, the contestant who pitched second (last) in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning.
  • Foul Corn Bags – a contestants corn bags shall be called foul if the contestant removes any corn bag before the scoring of that corn bag has been agreed upon.

Length of the Game

Points Limits – The match shall be played until the first team of contestants reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of an inning. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points. If both teams are tied at 21 points or more, play continues until one team achieves a higher score at the end of an inning and wins the match.

Skunks – the game shall be played to 21 unless a team scores 13 or more points at the end of an inning before their opponents score any points.


  • Cancellation Scoring – in cancellation scoring, bags in-the-hole and in-the-count pitched by opponents during an inning cancel each other out. Only non-cancelled corn bags are counted in the score for the inning.
  • Score Calculation – Cancellation scoring may be calculated as follows:
    1. The points of both contestants are calculated for hole-ins and in-the-count corn bags.
    2. The points of the lowest scoring contestant are subtracted from the points of the highest scoring contestant. The result is the score added to that team’s total score for the current match.
    3. In this manner, hole-in and in-the-count corn bags from each contestant or team of contestants are cancelled out and only non-cancelled corn bags are counted in the score.
  • Recording the Score – for the purposes of this event, the score sheet shall be the official record of the game and will be used to record the winning team for that bracket of play.
  • Double Elimination – The standard method of play for this fundraising tournament is double elimination seated bracket style tournament play.